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I have so many "photo web sites" that I created just to keep track of some of them

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iPhoneWalking Blog

Histogram Myth explicated: “you’ll lose half your tonal values for each one full stop of under-exposure”

"Kat Yeung and her Surfing Dog Saint" updated July 2014

17th Annual Surf Competition - Good, Bad, and Ugly - Morro Rock, Feb. 17, 2007
I enjoyed meeting many of the surfers and their friends at this event -
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An egoistic Flickr Gallery of photos of me by others

Almost all of my new postings are going to Flickr at my (same as , or (for some less serious photos), to my  Picasaweb site ( )
All of my local Morro Bay Surfing Photos are all at one Flickr set
(just for fun I've been posting some (low quality) videos at and and and now ) is a shortcut to my "popular" knee replacement surgery photos from June 2007
Sept. 2009 Morro Coast Audubon Society (MCAS) 5-minute PowerPoint slide show of my Flickr "most interesting" bird photos according to Flickr viewer metrics (~70 MB) - temporary archive for meeting organizers only
24 Oct. 2009 Morro photo Expo Flickr PowerPoint Presentation by Mike Baird
My "Shutterbugs Featuring Mike Baird" Slo Coast Journal article

Surf Photography 101 by Mike Baird (a tutorial, rev. 10/26/07; 01/23/08 Now includes reader Q&A)
This tutorial is included in my 160 page Surf Photography v2.0  book published at

Surf photos from a...
By Michael "Mike" L. ...

Some of my own custom made photo sites are: is the same as -- digital chocolate ( 'chä-k(&-)l&t, 'cho- ) -- sweet and pleasing addicting digital photos.  See for an article about local (Morro Bay, CA) photographers and their works

San Luis Obispo County California Nature Photographers -- Their Works and TechniquesThe 38 page 9"x7" color book "San Luis Obispo County California Nature Photographers -- Their Works and Techniques: Interviews with local nature photographers about how they take such great photos" Edited by Michael L. Baird with contributing photographers Joyce Cory, Joe Dickerson, Carol DiNolfo, Rich Hansen, Marlin Harms, Garry Johnson, Teddy Llovet, Cleve Nash, Gary Robertshaw, Dennis Sheridan, and Greg Smith, is available at . You can download a free PDF version (17 MB) or order a printed copy at the production and shipping cost of $10.23 + $1.91 = $12.14. As a community service by the books' contributors there is no royalty or profit being made on the sales of this book from Be sure to select "US Postal Regular Media Mail" to get the lowest $1.91 shipping cost.

Some of my favorite general-use photo-sharing sites are: is Mike Baird's
Picasa Wed Album and is the same as or
All Google-related images above are now branded under Google Plus
A+ Google's Picasaweb was once the easiest-to-use and most functional of all the no-low-cost photo-sharing sites, but storage size and social packaging has limitiations for most people (Note: 10-06 Surprisingly, for a Google-owned site, there is no way to search your Picasaweb, and searching for content or "images" using Google or other search engines usually yields no results - this link page is an attempt to try to force some indexing, and this Google Reader shared page should also index some of the photos)  is the same as
A+ Flickr is an astounding "social-network-based" photo-sharing site that may get you addicted -  Pros use this to upload essentially an unlimited number of photos of any size Flickr is now my preferred third-party photo sharing site. can now upload an unlimited quantity of full-resolution photos, and organize them into an unlimited number of sets and collections.  I recommend Flickr as a permanent storage solution for the serious photographer.* Zazzle is included here because it is the coolest way to make and distribute T-shits and mugs with your images Buy Mike Baird's  images on is the ultimate destination for self-publishing and print-on-demand - makes it trivial to distribute intellectual property - read my evaluation of alternative self-publishing vendors is Morro Bay CA's largest and most trafficked web site, serving one-half million page-views per year from a repository of 20,000 documents.  Its Mission is to provide unbiased and unique (mostly non-commercial) information in areas not easily found on other related Morro Bay web sites. Michael "Mike" L. Baird's Personal Web Presence has many personal photos such as those related to my travel in Latin America
Miscellaneous "free sites"

One of the most frequently asked questions is "How do I upload and share photos or other large files, for free...? There are now many free (or low-cost) sites that facilitate just this... I review most of them there, and recommend that you try Flickr or (and was okay, but it closes 4/30/08) - all  are free and allow storage and retrieval of full-resolution images.

The following (mostly free) photo sharing sites contain small sample galleries I created to test out these services - not much content of interest will be found here.  An older evaluation of most of these site is found elsewhere. (some of these lnks are dead now, attesting to the dynamic nature of this business.) is a gateway to our local Flickr Group A new effort just starting (10-06) which could take a few years, and may never go anywhere - is the future home of a possible book entitled "Birds of Morro Bay, CA" -- a photo book containing gallery quality prints and some interpretative information
Archives archives
Temporary file transfer area This is an "Invitation only" area primarily for the private transfer of some large images
Bookmarks of interest:  
* For those who delight in excessive image enhancement, see -- the top creative competition and Photoshop contest site on the web - contains some astounding Photoshop art!
* Here is an excellent QuickTime tutorial on how to use layers in Photoshop (Elements) to dodge and burn (lighten and darken) selected areas of an image - 
* More tutorials like the above at the the thelightsrightstudio Digital Darkroom at
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Most of my images, especially those posted at Flickr, are licensed for use by attribution.  See details: Creative Commons License
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Mike Baird is an amateur photographer in Morro Bay, CA.  He publishes many of his photographs and images online, and makes many of his work products available at no cost for non-profit organizations and for some personal uses.  The above list of sites is a partial inventory of Michael "Mike" L. Baird's photos.  You can search for photos by using the Google search boxes below, or use Google image search and include the composition, including the parenthesis, (baird OR "morro bay") following the term you are looking for, like 'egret'   You can contact Mike by e-mailing either mike at mikebaird dot com, or mike [at} bairdphotos d o t com